About Production Processing Equipment

“We are a complete custom shop. Our only goal is to provide a solution for our customers.  We only have your best interest in mind.”

Our background is quite extensive. Our roots were planted in the processing and packaging machinery business over 40 Years ago.

The year was 1973, we were a cosmetic and chemical manufacturer. When the manufacturing business was consolidated in the early 1980’s we started selling the excess manufacturing machinery and became one of the largest and most respected used equipment dealers in the country. Over the years we had built an inventory worth over 15 million in a 40K sq. ft facility in Phoenix, AZ. By the mid 1980’s we were specializing in process kettles and tanks. We found a lot of our customers already had kettles and tanks without agitation. Since the large kettle and tank manufacturers were not interested in fitting new agitation systems to existing vessels we invested in machinery to fabricate agitation systems for new or used vessels using our expertise.

In 2005, we completely liquidated the used equipment inventory and moved our facility to Savannah, GA

At our new facility located in Savannah, we specialize in designing, building and rebuilding agitation systems for new or used kettles or tanks, rebuilding kettles and tanks, liquid filling systems and supplying parts and service for all related machinery.

We have a small specialized inventory of select used machines.  All machines have been gone through, thoroughly tested and are in working order.  Every machine comes with our hassle free return policy.  ” IF FOR ANY REASON YOU DO NOT LIKE THE MACHINE SIMPLY SEND IT BACK FOR A FULL REFUND OF THE PURCHASE PRICE.”

Give us a call or send us an email. Our services are personalized. We will be more than happy to spend time with you to understand what you want to accomplish and if we are able help you profit from our experience.

Thank you for your interest,
Jeff Klein